My notebook

This is my first post on the road to getting published and what am I doing? Doodling in my notebook and trying to write a convincing dialogue between the King of Sparta and his priest. Every few lines I reread what I have written and end up scoring a big black line through it.

My poor notebook is going through a bad case of first draft blues and my handwriting has degenerated into illegible squiggles. I feel sorry for the amount of abuse I inflict on my trusty hard bound friend, his clean pages scored and marked with the frustrations of my weak prose.

I am halfway though my current notebook, WHSMITH, bound in blue, hardback and rather smart looking. It is a perfect companion and one I won’t be trading in for an Ipad any time soon. Notebooks are my life, I have at least six waiting to be filled with my scribblings, and I always keep my eagle eye out for more.

Anyway, back to the “Mortal One,” and weak dialogue.




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